Global Brand Director FTSE20- Promise or talent

Asking here as cant see answer in the website. Im a Global Director at FTSE20 firm. Have worked on extensive Digital Innovation & ecommerce past 3 yrs of my 15 yrs senior management experience. Have had great business results and seen as a thought leader within the organization. Since I’m non-Tech, Is Exceptional Talent more suitable or Exceptional Promise as 3 yrs are in Tech space?

Since your relevant experience in tech is within the past 3 years, my understanding of the guide is that you are eligible for promise route.

However I’d say you leverage your many years of business management experience in your story/narrative perhaps you could be endorsed as Talent (it happens), just don’t raise your hopes on talent.

you can appliy for exceptional promise, if your profile is impressive, you may be endorsed under talent @somdipdey applied for promised but was endorsed under talent.

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Very interesting. thanks for the insight

yeah have seen a few examples. thanks

@MrQ You can always apply for Exceptional Promise and talk about your experiences, the TN case officer can always endorse your application to either Exceptional Promise or Exceptional Talent.

I have worked in the tech industry for last 13 years as a Software Engineer, Product Manager, Research Engineer, Project Manager and Executive (but at different stages within that 13 years). Though I have worked in the industry for over a decade since, I applied for AI/ML field as a researcher (which I started doing in last 4.5 years only), so, on my endorsement application I have applied for Exceptional Promise. That being said, I provided my experience, contributions and achievements in the tech sector as evidences for a longer period than 4.5 years. Based on the evidences and my story the TN case officer endorsed me as Exceptional Talent.

So, my suggestion is that its better to be humble in the endorsement application but at the same time be confident to talk about your achievements and experiences to show yourself as a Exceptional Talent via the evidences. The TN case officer will decide the rest.

You can read about my endorsement application here: This is how I got my Endorsement for Global Talent Visa under Exceptional Talent Route (AI/ML Researcher)