Getting referee from same sector but non-technical company

Lets say my referee is on a Senior Cybersecurity position but in a non-digital company, call is PEPSI. Should a letter from that person would work?

That would usually depend on the person, who is writing reference. Tech Nation would probably try to establish how relevant this person position, international standing and/or prior experience are. Usually, the referring person would be in top management roles, such as CTO/CSO/VP or Director, or would have a similar prior experience.

The other alternative is when the referring person has a prominent international standing, for example, is a well-known expert in the field, author of a top books/publications or creator of some prominent open-source technology/software.

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Hi Zamana
Standard disclaimer - I do not represent Tech Nation in any capacity.
Agree with @Alex_P. To my mind, whether a letter from a senior cybersecurity position in a non-digital company works, depends purely on “the designation” of the person (how senior? - CXO, MD, Executive Director etc.) and the “prominence” - reputation, standing, credibility etc (established through CV)
In summary, provided these are taken care, I do not see the non-digital company part being a deal-breaker.
Best wishes

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Hello All, I am planning to get my recommendation letters from two of my past University Professors who are hugely experienced in the field of AI, but they don’t have any title like VP or manager. Will this be an issue? Should I look for other ppl as referees? If so any tips in finding referees in such position.

@ankur_singhania its understandable that professors can’t have titles like VP or Managers but as you said they have huge experience in AI and you can backup this claim through their letters or by showing their research, then I see no issues them being your referees.

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Hi Ankur @ankur_singhania
I recollect, from Tech Nation guidelines, recommendations from University should be written and signed by an authorised member of the organisation they represent, and can have title for example: “Head of course”
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Thanks so much zamana. That is very positive. :blush:

Ah that is great idea. Yes I can get the course director to write an signed letter of declaration. Thanks so much.