Getting a Job in the Tech/IT industry

Please having being granted visa and moving to the UK…

  1. Please I need clue to applying for Tech jobs or one just work in any field.
  2. What is the best advice on starting a business of one’s choice.

I will be glad if I can get links and connections to any job opening. Possibly I can apply before moving.

@May @alexnk @Francisca_Chiedu @sojo @Fatemeh_N

Awaiting assistance in advance thanks :pray:

Most people apply on LinkedIn, indeed, cvlibrary and other platforms.


In addition to usual platforms… If you are endorsed, look/wait for one email, you should be invited to a Slack community of Global talent people. There is a job opportunity slack channel that talks about it. You may present yourself there and find some opportunity from there.

Hope this helps. @Dimjosh

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Thanks for this but I didn’t and haven’t seen any slack community link

Yes. I got endorsed last week as well. Haven’t received any link :disappointed:

I am looking forward to these responses, as my husband is also in the same field and will be job hunting soon.

Have you received the Slack invite yet? I was recently endorsed and was curious how long it takes to get the link.

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I got my endorsement email on 2nd Jan. Didn’t get the invite yet either…

Sign up here. I did and recieved an invite within a few days of signing up.

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Thank you very much :pray:t2: