Geo restricted site - VPN / any workarounds?

Hi Global Talents and Promises!

QQ: web site of organisation i need to add in the references - doesn’t allow web traffic from UK.
Have no idea why, works well for US IPs, and some other EU locations.

I believe suggesting the committee to install a VPN is not a good choice.

Shall i build proxy web page / mirror?

Submitting print-screens is not ideal i guess?
Or it might be fine?

Any ideas / experience?


I think that submitting print-screens is a good idea regardless, as TN clearly states that links aren’t enough and your evidence should stand by itself.

I would also add a summary before the links explaining the situation and suggesting a way around it. I don’t believe that they’ll install a VPN just to look at a link, so if there’s no way around it I think it could harm the strength of the evidence to a point you might consider submitting something else.

You should submit screenshots rather than links. If you want links to show the evidence is externally verifiable (URLs) you can put a link to and explain that the website is not accessible from UK.

Thanks @Ido_Moshe
Appreciate your help!
I am going to add other evidences, but having main org web site unreachable sounds potentially harmful.
Also, do you think the committee looking into docs only, rather than searching internet and opening links provided in addition to the documents?

יש מצב שאתה מדבר עברית?

Thanks @yeshellohi, good point!
I was assuming that in addition to submitting certificate, recommendation letter, etc, they may want to see the original website of the org. In my case it perhaps even more challenging situation, as i need to offer a translation of the website, and was planning to share the google translate web site link. as the one here for example -יזמות-פרימיום-בשיתוף-חברה-מאמצת-מהתעש/?_x_tr_sl=iw&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=en&_x_tr_pto=in,wapp
I can’t see abetter way to share relevant information in this scenario…

Don’t take any chances
I heard cases they endorsed without even checking candidates LinkedIn profile
And on other side cases they emailed referral people and enquired about the authenticity.

So we never know how they work so better always prepare for the worst case.

You can try both the and the translate link (I’m not sure whether the the Google Translate link will be long lived, but there’s no harm in including both, as long as you explain it clearly in the evidence document.

@Andrew_Feld-man does anything in your links directly connects to you or is it just general information about the program?
If it’s the later then I suggest you add a reference letter from someone in the program talking about your contribution and have them give a short description of what the program is, to which you can attach your own explanation giving more details about the program.
I don’t think the link by itself it worth much anyhow.

… and sure, you can PM me in Hebrew, but here I think it’s best to keep it in English :slight_smile:

Thanks @Ido_Moshe, that totally makes sense!