Gap employment time to apply for ILR


I would like to ask about applying for ILR from GTV in case we have a gap in employment. My postdoc position is 33 months, and I will have 3 months left to apply for GTV (fast track route). Do I need to find a job immediately to fill this gap in 3 months or I can still apply for ILR in case I have a 3-month gap in employment? If I cannot apply for ILR, can I continue to apply to extend my GTV, Does a GTV extension need to prove the employment at the time of applying? Can anyone suggest this case? Thanks.

I think you need to contact an immigration lawyer. You can show proof of your previous earnings in the UK. This is not immigration advice best to contact an advisor to get precise clarity on your situation.

Thanks. Sure, I will ask the solicitor. Hopefully, somebody in the group who was in the same situation and already applied for ILR can help.