Filling out TechNation application: Are you currently employed?

Hello everyone, I’m currently filling the tech nation application form and I need some help with the following question: Are you currently employed? (either as an employee or as a founder/director)

Quick background about me: I co-founded a startup that was acquired, then I took a break to figure out my next venture. I have a new startup idea that I want to start in the UK which I will explain in my personal statement (there’s no company registration yet), and in the meanwhile, I currently advise and coach other early-stage startups but just in a mentorship capacity.

Should I answer that question “No” since my new idea is still not registered yet?

Thanks a lot.

Just be honest, if you’re unemployed answer No.
it’s not a problem, just needs to be consistent with the rest of your application. (e.g. your personal statement)

Thanks @Ido_Moshe for the advice … yes, I wanna be honest and consistent with the rest of the application.
I think what’s confusing me is that in my personal statement, I will explain my plans for my startup and give details of what I will be doing as a founder. But technically, it’s not established yet to give registration numbers and websites.

Sounds like it’s good material for the personal statement, but for your evidence you’ll need to bring additional, unrelated proofs.