Feedback on my case -- applying for Global Talent

Hi all,

Thanks a lot for everyone running and responding on this forum – I’ve found loads of useful information here.

I am currently looking to apply for the Global Talent visa and wanted to ask for your advise on my application and evidence.

I am a final year PhD student at the University of Cambridge. My PhD is in NLP/AI research. Before the PhD I worked at a startup for almost a year and before that did some research as well. Thus, overall I have over 9 years of experience in the area.

My plan is to use the following evidence:

For Mandatory Criteria:

  1. Information on my internships (at a FAANG Company and one of leading startups in the area)
  2. Information about selective PhD awards I got when applying for PhDs and one which I chose
  3. Nomination for highly competitive awards

For OC2:

  1. A large OS contribution I did several years ago
  2. Teaching I did during my Masters and PhD – all voluntary
  3. Talks I did at academic and industry events
  4. Invites to review in leading peer-reviewed conferences

For OC4:
I have 8 first-/co-first-authored papers in leading peer-reviewed conferences/journals (all *ACL/EMNLP conferences for those familiar with NLP publishing) ; I will present selected ones + first class degree from BSc and “best performing student” awards.

My letters of reference will be:

  • my supervisor
  • my host at FAANG
  • my host at the startup

I am open to any feedback and which point could be strengthened.

Also, with regards to formatting, I was wondering whether when the caseworkers look at the evidence, they usually look at the links provided or is it better to include the screenshots of the pages?

Many thanks in advance! (@Francisca_Chiedu sorry to ping you about this, but I would be extremely appreciative of your opinion)

Hi Evgeniia,

I saw on the forum that are considering an application for a Global Talent visa!

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My very best


Thanks a lot! I’d love to get your feedback. If you can give it here, that would be wonderful.

Hi Evgeniia,

We would really love to provide feedback but it would genuinely be quite difficult to do without an in-depth conversation. Just because a successful Global Talent visa application is all about nuance, details and how they are presented.

If you would like a free assessment from a talent-based immigration lawyer with 10 years of experience please feel free to message me, we still have a few appointments left for next week.

My very best


I have seen great feedback from you on this forum and really appreciate you helping everyone. Would you be so kind to go over my profile and provide feedback?

@Francisca_Chiedu @alexnk @ask4jubad @C91

I think you are providing only very brief of what you think at this stage, which is quite difficult to advise, based on the provided information. And also I am not the PhD applicant either so I may not be able to comment much. Anyway here are my comments:


  • The information you are providing needs to show the exceptional level among the others, not just some information of what you or someone in the field usually do.
  • Nomination? Did you win the first winner? More info will be needed.


  • Make sure that your teaching (mentoring) are voluntary, structured program, be the main mentor, and meet other few criteria in the guideline.
  • Your talk also need to the a well known event and so on.

I don’t have much comment for OC4.

I hope this help @Evgeniia_Razumovskai