Feedback on my business background for Promise route

Hi guys,
I’ve started collecting my documents for my application and I would really appreciate any feedback on my background and what areas I would, possible, need to improve. I’ll start my application only in spring 2022 as a founder but I want to start doing all the work in such a way that I collect all the necessary evidence for my application.

Little bit on my background and maybe someone with a similar background could comment - I’m a finance professional and worked at VC fund in my country for 2 years. Later, I started working as finance and operations advisor to tech startups in my region.

My work now:
Currently, I’m working as a financial advisor for the leading tech entrepreneur in my country - he’s building the largest Edtech project in the region which will create the whole new tech ecosystem in the region and I’m sourcing funding for this project. It’s a huge-scale project with government support and international support from big tech companies like Veon etc. So, about this work - can I use this work as any of the evidences in my application even if I’m not a leader of this project? I will definitely request a reference from my current boss for my leadership and business skills in tech field. What other use I can derive from my involvement in this project? Can I use it as an evidence of contribution to tech ecosystem?

Plan for 2022:
I will arrive in the UK in Jan’22 to join one of the Entrepreneur in Residence programmes outside of London which I was selected for this November. I’ll arrive via a student visa route as the incubator works under the Uni. I have pitched my idea and will start building my product - within 3 months I’ll have ready MVP (it can be 5-6 months). Can I apply as a founder given that my product, probably, won’t be fully functioning by the time of my applicaton and will only receive local funding from the European Fund-like bodies and not from an actual VC?
I’m planning to get my reference from the Incubator’s programme leader and from one of the industry partners of the startup - to prove validity of the product and its contribution to the UK market.

I would appreciate any of your comments on the given information - do I even have a chance for Promise route, what use can I derive from my current work and founder role, what areas are super important to consider during the application process which I’m missing out?

Thank you!