Fast track accelerator application

I have been accepted by an accelerator on the fast-track list. Can I apply for the Global Talent Visa using my offer letter, or is there more I will need? Also, am I likely to be endorsed?

Finally, will I be applying as an exceptional promise or exceptional talent?

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Fast track is only making your endorsement application to be considered within 3 weeks, rather than within 8 weeks. That’s all. Fast Track does not enhance the likelihood that your application will be endorsed. The Fast Track only relates to the speed of processing your application.

You can apply if you are meeting the criteria:
Exceptional promise or exceptional talent are totally based on your years of experience in Digital Technology sector.

An offer letter is not strong evidence. See more example in the .

I suggest you spend time reading through this 1 long page. It is the single source of truth at the moment.

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thank you so much for the reply! It has been very helpful and informative!

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