Family visa stamping

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Could you please help me if i can apply for BRP and visa for my family (as a dependent) along with my application. or first i should apply for my visa then only i can apply for my family as a dependent ?


Your question is not clear. If you are asking if you can apply for stage 2 along with your dependent?Yes you can, however, you first need to fill and submit your application form then use the application reference to link theirs.

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thank you for answering. Also i do have 3 dependents, can i pay their NHS and Visa charges (which is around 6 K GBP) using 2-3 credit cards ? if not, what is the best way to pay the charges ?

You can pay using different cards. Everyone is treated individually but you can submit your application Same day.

Thank you @Francisca_Chiedu. Could you please also confirm the link to apply for spouse/ child is ->

Same link just choose the one that applies.

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