Extension GVT absence time limitation

Is the extension of another two years of GTV requires 180 day limitation of absence or this limitation is only apply for ILR. I am in exceptional talent but want to go USA in the last year and come back to extend. Thanks.

I think it is mostly for ILR but you need to show proof of earnings as part of your extension application.

Hi @Francisca_Chiedu is it necessary to have had warnings for the full period of first GTV before extension?

I had a GtV for 3 years, I was employed for 2.8 years - employment ended this month. I will extend in August - will miss showing earnings for July 24 and initial 3-4 months at the start of the visa.

Will this be a risk?

Thanks for your input :pray:

You don’t have to show earnings for all this period. Just get your P45 to show all your previous tax contributions while on the job. Also add your payslips.

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That means if I worked in an other country and stayed outside the UK over 6 months in my last year ( I can flight back each three months) it is still fine to an extension. I did not see any requirement for the time to stay to extend my visa.