Exceptional talent - recommendation by an organisation, rather an individual

Hello dear community,

One of my recommendation letters is stuck for signatures from a CEO.

If, lets say, that doesn’t go through, what are my options with someone on the behalf of the organisation recommending me?

According to tech nation guidance:

Recommendation letters should be signed by the author, or by someone on behalf of the organisation recommending you

  1. Can the author still be the same (the CEO in this case) but signed by say, Head of HR?
  2. Would the content of my letter need to change if signed by HR?
  3. Has anyone used a recommendation letter on behalf of the org and it worked?

Kindly share your thoughts on this topic. Thanks much in advance.

Hi @alexnk @Francisca_Chiedu @ask4jubad would love your expertise here if possible please. thanks much.

I never used signature from organization.

But in your case, if the HR department or literally the company knows your work for more than 12 months, HR team can sign it on behalf of the CEO.

I am not sure what content you have inside, but if I am you, I will make it easiest and quickest for you, CEO, and the HR person. One idea I have is to have the CEO use his company email to saying (or cc-ing) HR team to sign on behalf of the CEO. While you can print the email, and add it as the appendix of the LOR before the HR sign it. This way may ensure the smooth and comfortable on all sides.


Yes to 1.

No to 2

Yes to 3 (but it was a reference letter written by manager (this was not mentioned in the letter) and signed by HR on company letterhead).