Exceptional Talent or Exceptional Promise


My question is very basic. do you get an option to select exceptional talent or exceptional promise while submitting application to Tech Nation ? or they decide themselves based on your experience? And is it good idea to apply under exceptional promise, even if you have 5+ years on experience just to play safe ? one would assume that its easier to get exceptional promise over exceptional talent.

This is a standard question probably every applicant (including me) had. So, you get to choose which route you are applying to in the application form.

And I read in the official guide (I guess), and based on my experience that if your experience is 5+ years, try to make a case for exceptional talent. But if you can’t make a case for that, make a case for why despite having 5+ years of experience you are applying for exceptional promise (for example: you switched fields, or you were dabbling with few things before settling on one thing etc)
I know at least one person who had 8 years of experience and they applied and received promise route visa.

I dont think you need to justify applying for promise if you have so much experience that implies that you are natural candidate for Talent category. On the contrary, one has to write a short paragraph justifying their choice if they choose Talent specfically. Number of years is a factor but not the factor I guess.

Talent requires proven innovation. Let’s say if you have innovative idea but it’s not proved or recognised in market yet? I think that is the classic example of promise over talent, regardless of years. Correct me if I m wrong

In either case, you’d need to have so-called ‘recognised innovations’. The key difference would be the volume of your innovations (more than one for Promise vs. multiple innovations for Talent).

In short, I believe ideas themselves alone wouldn’t be enough. As much as I believe you have an outstanding idea, you will still need a certain level of recognition from 3rd parties/the market/press/awards, etc. I’ve also heard of people getting endorsed with a concept by showing that they’ve got accepted by a well-known accelerator in the UK.

Hope this helps.

I guess Tech Nation will decide whether you should be endorsed for Exceptional Talent or Exceptional Promise as mentioned on their site.

Tech Nation will assess your endorsement application, establish whether your skills and achievements meet the eligibility criteria for Exceptional Talent or Exceptional Promise, and decide whether you should be endorsed for the Global Talent visa. You should note that this is not determined solely by the eligibility criteria, Tech Nation’s independent panel of assessors will determine whether, overall, they consider that the applicant should be endorsed and for which route. It is at Tech Nation’s discretion to assess each application on its own merits and make a recommendation for or against endorsement.