Exceptional Talent Endorsed

Dear members of the group,

I wanted to take a moment to express my deepest gratitude for your support and guidance. Since joining this group, I have received so much valuable advice and encouragement that has helped me to finally get the Global Talent Visa.

It was August 2022 when I first heard about this visa, talked to a few paid consultants and one of them replied “if this is what you have done in the past, you better not waste your money on this” whereas the other did not even bother to reply after looking at my experience.

Joining this group was the most helpful thing in my journey towards GTV and posting this to help others was the minimal I could do to pay back this community.

I applied for the Talent route on the 31st of January and got the endorsement as a talent on 17th of February. Following is a summary of my application:

RL1: A serial entrepreneur from US with almost 20 years of startup experience
RL2: A known climate tech entrepreneur in the UK, one of the advisers and judge of Tech Nation Net Zero initiative
RL3: A superviser of my project A, a Professor of Cyber Security, author of the grant application to Innovate UK

Mandatory Criteria
E1: Letter from VB detailing how competitive the selection was, what I did in my venture + Evidence of leader of the winning team in a hackathon on AI for Good
E2: Document detailing the startup and its traction (Trello Board, System Design, Pitch Deck)
E 3: Certificate of Talk in conference as a keynote speaker + Conference Publication + Newsletter publication + Evidence of high salary
E 4: One letter from managing director explaining my contribution to end-to-end delivery of first food packaging system (Project A) and its impact on company (lead to another product which was nominated for one of the prestigious innovation award in the sector)

Optional 1:
Evidence 1: Innovate UK grant letter with project number (Project A) + HR head letter to show that I am working on the project numbered in grant + project milestone breakdown I made
Evidence 2: Innovate UK grant application feedback score for innovation with project number + A support letter from Innovate UK person who gave that feedback +Trello board, Design pics, code snippet, dashboard images, published papers
Evidence 3: Offer letter of being a CTO of climate tech startup + Pitch deck + System design + Investment proof + 3 year financial projections + LOIs + MS Planner board screenshot

Optional 4
E1: One document mentioning the topics of my research papers and the fact that they were not part of my MSc or BSc thesis. For one publication work, I can add citations (but work was published in 2017) I can add citations Published Papers (at-least 2) + Tutorial (Detailed talk) in a research conference where I was invited
E2: One document Academic excellence (Distinction in MSc, First class honours in BSc, Awards pictures)
E4: Letters from research expert showing my academic excellence and working beyond studies with my potential of research + Screenshot of LinkedIn recommendations (just because I had some space left)

This group has been incredible for helping me in building my application. @Francisca_Chiedu it will be great if I can be added to the Slack channel of GTV holders and any other community group.



Congratulations @musman2012

You can join here:


congrats @musman2012

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Congrats once again @musman2012

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@ask4jubad the page you shared for Alumni Network is giving 404. Is there a new page for that or could you advise how to join the Alumni Network Slack channel?

@MtVhSnT I think they moved a couple of things around.

Once you get endorsed, I believe now you would be contacted by the Visa Alumni Slack administrators and should be able to join from there.

But there’s a public group on LinkedIn where I think is a good start:

Tech Nation Alumni Network on LinkedIn

@ask4jubad I got my visa in March this year actually and I missed the email for the Alumni Network Slack Channel invitation email. Someone told me about it and I found the link about it seems to be moved. This is why I am looking for it now. Any idea who I can contact with about that?

@MtVhSnT check your DM