Exceptional Talent - Can I combine my professional work with my new start up?

Hi Everyone!

I have worked for 23 years as data scientist, chief data and analytics officer, and alike. And for the last 6 months, I have my own fintech start-up where we have been working on great analytics governance software. But the product is not ready, nor it has earned money for the company.

Do you think I should mention the start up as well in my application? If yes, how (in summary, of course)? Or should I only try to show my work as an analytics professional?

Thank you very much in advance! :pray:t3:

Hello Maxwell, I think adding your startup should definitely add strength to your application since it is in the fintech space. You can add mocks/designs/architecture/data flow diagrams/company registration etc. as evidence.

Per TN’s OC3 guidline:

  • Documentation on product designs or architecture diagram clearly showing your contribution.

Thank you very much, Heman. I’d better look into it, as you suggest.

OC3 needs to show evidence of impact. You should be able to provide specific examples of how you have contributed to the product, including any measurable and significant success, which I doubt you’ll have for a product still under development. You may wish to mention this experience in your personal statement and connect it to your short and long-term plans in the UK.