Exceptional Talent Application - Review

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I have been studying this forum since late last year to understand the application process and what technation look out for while evaluating the evidence. I will like to summarise my understanding here and share my application for feedback.

I am submitting document for MC, OC1, OC3 as a business applicant for exceptional talent. I am using 3 companies I have founded as evidence. The third company was founded last year and incorporated in April this year.

Recommendation Letters:
a. Letter from the Director-General of a commission in my country, highlighting my exceptional talent, contributions, innovations, entrepreneurship, and leadership skills demonstrated during a national assignment.
b. Recommendation letter from the Founder/Chairman of a FinTech/Investment company, emphasizing my innovations, entrepreneurship, and leadership skills through the successful development of a digital product with high commercial success.
c. Recommendation letter from the Founder/CEO of a FinTech (Micro-Finance Bank), acknowledging my contributions, innovations, entrepreneurship, and leadership skills. (Similar themes are covered in the supporting evidence)

Supporting Documents:
I have provided ten documents supporting my application for the Mandatory Criteria (MC), Optional Criteria (OC1, OC3), showing Leadership, Innovation and impact as a Founder.

Mandatory Criteria (MC):
MC Evidence 1: Evidence of leading marketing/business development at a product-led digital technology company. I founded an AgriTech company in 2020 that connects smallholder farmers with inputs, markets, and funding. We raised £55,000 for smallholder farmers and agricultural projects. Evidence includes investment screenshots from Paystack dashboard, revenue data, and user base statistics from the AgriTech admin dashboard.
MC Evidence 2: Evidence of involvement in a large technology-led industry initiative. I served as a mentor and panel member on the Microsoft AgriFood Accelerator program for startups in 2022. Reference letters testify to my recognized leadership in AgriTech and the contributions I made, which resulted in the invitation of startups to higher programs and successful seed round funding.
MC Evidence 3: Evidence of commanding a high salary or remuneration. I led the development and commercialization of a digital product used in government pension offices, generating over £150,000 with just three clients. I presented a revenue history from 2013 to 2020, demonstrating my leadership skills and commercial success.
MC Evidence 4: News release on the launch of my new startup on major media outlet.

Optional Criteria (OC): Evidence of innovation as a founder
Evidence 1: Evidence of innovation/product development and market traction through revenue. I provided evidence for the Pension Solution developed by one of my companies, which achieved substantial revenue (£150,000) with only three clients. Screenshots of the product, website link, contract award letter, and an invoice to a new client are included. I also included screenshots and data from my AgriTech startup, which raised £55,000 for smallholder farmers.
Evidence 2: Financial projections for the current year of my new FinTech startup, demonstrating a proven track record of innovation in the digital technology sector as a founder.
Evidence 3: Documents confirming the incorporation and shareholder status of my new FinTech startup, demonstrating my significant involvement in the company.

OC3 - Impact to the field as a founder
OC3: Evidence of impactful contributions as a founder, senior executive, or board member:
Evidence 1: A reference letter from a client utilizing the Pension Solution, highlighting my significant technical, commercial, and entrepreneurial contributions.
Evidence 2: Documents showcasing my involvement in two accelerator programs with the FinTech startup and a reference letter from a Medical Doctor with 20 years of experience, serving as an advisor on health insurance plans.
Evidence 3: Registration documents, articles of association, and proof of major shareholding in both the Pension Solution and AgriTech startups, with explanations of their impact and success.

  1. CV showing my carrer projection for over 10years.

  2. Personal statement linking my background and all the evidence, why i want to move to the UK, my plans in the UK, the city I want to live in and how the UK digital technology sector will benefit from my work.

Your feedback would be helpful.

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@Afolabi Did you manage to get the answers in any other ways? What is your application status now?

I have not submitted my application.