Exceptional Promise visa - UI/UX Query


I am currently residing in the UK under a Post-study visa. I am looking for an honest opinion on my chances of getting a Global Talent Visa (Exceptional Promise) endorsement.

I am a Visual Designer with 4 years of experience along with a Master’s in Graphic Design from the University of Hertfordshire. Over the last 18 months, I have worked for local businesses in the UK and played a key role in establishing their Web and e-commerce platforms. I have worked for Tech and Business communications firms as a designer back in India and also come with an extensive freelance experience with multiple clients across different countries. Here are the recommendations from people I have worked with that I can provide.

  1. Learning Experience Design - A letter of recommendation from the CEO of an international non-profit for designing learning material for children pursuing STEM.
  2. Design for Business Communication - A letter of recommendation from the VP of International Operations detailing my experience in design for marketing (Lead Generation)
  3. UX for Travel App - A letter of recommendation from the CEO of a Swedish Start-up detailing my work in the design of the app. The start-up is unfortunately on halt due to the Covid pandemic.
  4. UX - Ecommerce for local business in the UK - A letter of recommendation from the director of B2B operations detailing my work in establishing the e-commerce platform (Web application and operations)
  5. UX research for Bio Mechanics Start-up - A letter of recommendation from the founder of an assistive design start-up detailing my contribution to designing their first version of the Web application.
  6. Product Design Research from Lecturer - A letter of recommendation from my research supervisor detailing my research in product design for my master’s project which is a learning experience design for kids as a game.

What are my chances of getting a successful endorsement? Looking forward for the responses.


It would be helpful if you could arrange your evidence to align with the criteria, just like other applicants here have done.

Which of these are your three letters of recommendation? Keep in mind that within the criteria, letters alone are not enough and need to be supplemented with additional evidence to meet the criteria.