Exceptional Promise Requirements

Please, my name is Ifeanyi and I am interested in applying for the Exceptional Promise route. I am a data scientist and data analytics developer.

However, one of the requirements for this route is that a person must have built projects or done some work that has had a direct commercial impact.

Supposing you’ve never had the chance to work on projects that had a direct commercial impact, or maybe your work for your product-led company was more of research, does that mean you are not eligible for this visa route?

Please, I will really appreciate your thoughts on this :pray:

You need to list what evidence you have to meet 3 criteria that way you get useful feedback on your apply.

Thanks Francisca for your response to my question. But I’m sorry, I do not understand what you mean, please. Can you please elucidate, if you don’t mind?

Tech nation endorses candidates based on significant contribution to a new digital product, product-led companies or the advancement of a digital field.

I think haven studied the criteria, you should come up with a list of evidences you want to use to prove MC and two of the OCs. Then you share what you have done in research that you think qualifies you to apply for this endorsement, and the forum will be happy to contribute.

Thanks a lot Gbemiga for your explanation; I appreciate it. I will soon share a few NLP projects I worked on for the product-led company I worked with. I look forward to feedback from the community.

what 2-4 evidence do you have to meet the mandatory evidence
what evidence 2-3 do you hsve to meet Optional criteria 1? Optional criteria 3?

Listing it according to the criteria gives a clear picture of how you meet the requirement.

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