Exceptional Promise Evidence Evaluation

I am a SaaS startup founder who plan to apply for exceptional promise. I was into tech consulting for over seven years but switched to product-led less than five years ago, thus I am going for promise track instead of Talent.

Below is my list of evidence:

Mandatory Criteria

  1. Shareholding Documents
  2. News Publications about my startup and me.
  3. Article I wrote on RPA and AI published on a Tech experts blog
  4. Letter of reference from a Startup Founder and Global Talent Visa Holder

Optional Criteria 1

  1. Screenshots from the Product, Github repo, Figma Designs, Website
  2. Google Analytics User stats + Product subscriber Dashboard Screenshot
  3. Letter of Reference from Fintech Customer using our product

Optional Criteria 2

  1. Letter of Reference from director of Social Enterprise for regional startups, talking about my contribution to tech in the region.
  2. Video of a governor mentioning me at Commonwealth Observance day at Westminster Abbey for my work and its impact on local entrepreneurs.
  3. Screenshots of Webinar where I spoke on Products, (This was a tech social enterprise Webinar event)

Letter of Recommendation

  1. Letter from a Founder of a Gifting Startup
  2. Letter from a Founder of an Automation/AI Startup
  3. Letter from the Founder of a Fintech

kindly share your thoughts on my evidence.

Have a super blessed day!

For Promise, you seem okay, but be careful on OC1 as many applicants get tripped up here.

Please ensure that your evidence is within the past 5 years as you have previous experience in tech consulting which is NOT eligible evidence.

Focus your evidence on explaining the situation, task you were assigned, and the result you achieved (i.e. increase revenue by X, cost avoidance by Y, etc)

On OC1, I don’t see this evidence as proof of innovation. Please ensure the analytics show a level of income beyond your salary. A patent could suffice as well.

For OC2, ensure you describe these events thoroughly (number of viewers/attendees, the popularity of webinar/event, etc)

Make sure your Personal Statement answers the questions on how you’ll impact the digital tech sector in the UK and how you will do it.

Thank you @Farzad_Sunavala.

I am particularly concerned about OC1 as you have stated. I will improve this.


Hi, speaking about evidence, I am currently working remotely as a data scientist for a social media database company based in the Netherlands, and I want to apply for the Exceptional Promise route. I have a Github repository containing the scripts of 7 data analytics and NLP projects I worked on last year, aside from a Web application I also developed, which I want to use as evidence. Now, I have some new projects I am working on, which I think will make good evidence for my stage 1 application. Can I cite these new projects as evidence as well when they are done, especially since I plan to apply for stage 1 in July or August this year? Please what do you think?

Hello Anyi,

Technation particularly mentions that evidence of projects done in time of an applications will not be, however, i can not remember seeing a defined space or time. They didnt say “projects done before 3 months application, or 4 months”. I have not seen it anywhere. So by my assumption, which i stand to be corrected, i think if you are applying in August, these projects would not entirely be considered new hence might be considered by TN. Udo!

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Just to add, for your OC2, you may do well to add evdience of number of attendess for the webinar. Since its a speaking engagement, TN requires attendess to be over a hundred. If there’s an agenda for the event, with your profile and what you were speaking at in it, also add this.


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Thanks Blasé, nice to talk to you again :grinning:

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