Exceptional Promise Endorsement - Machine Learning Engineer/ Marketing Analyst - Tech Nation

Dear all,

I would appreciate if you help me prep my case as I am about to turn in my endorsement. Specifics to my case are as follows:

I’m a Machine Learning expert with my niche being marketing analytics as an industry that I focus. I have about 4 years of work experience in total including the projects that I have done outside my day-to-day job.

I’m currently working at a financial media company in the UK as a marketing analyst intelligence and my focus is on augmenting the ROI on the marketing campaigns by prepping the algorithms and analysing the performance metrics by the use of ML. In my current role I have led a product-led enhancement as I have spearheaded the project of launching our very own ChatGPT for the financial media industry which allows you to complete data requests and presents you the insightful charts and dashboards on your fingertips.

Mandatory Criteria:

  • I worked as Chief Engineer and Lead Marketer in a start-up which developed into a small-sized company, and I have reference letter from the CEO and my job contract to attest this. It was a cloud-based platform providing company. I worked there for 2 years full time.
  • I led the marketing efforts of a cyber security solutions company and worked as ML Expert on several projects with their clientele. This was outside my job and I worked part-time here. I have reference letter from the CEO of the company to attest my efforts.
  • I have letters of invitation, awards that I received (no photos or links though) and appreciation letter on myself being a panellist (at two occasions), a judge (at three occasions) and speaking at a tech-related conference (once).
  • I have two publications, with five others in the process of being published (I have no idea how to show proof of this?)

Optional Criteria 1

  • Worked as an employee in a product-led digital technology start-up for two years.
  • I made an algorithm for which I need to file a patent application but the website guidance says “Papers or patent applications which have been made solely to support the timing of your application are unacceptable”.

So I am not sure how to fulfil the optional criteria 1. I mean I do have my contract to show the salary and a reference letter of CEO highlighting my contribution. Will that be enough?

Optional Criteria 2

  • I mentored students of my university as an alumni after I graduated for almost 18 months, and helped them with product-led technology products. This was a competitive mentorship and I had to submit an application to get selected, and my research paper with the professor is the one under consideration to be published. I have a reference letter from my professor to attest this.
  • I mentored a team of 5 ML engineers outside my work too for a software-house over the course of 6 months. I have a letter from CEO to prove this too.

Optional Criteria 3

  • I have deployed a system which comprises of our very own chatGPT at the company I am currently working as I mentioned. I have a letter from CTO of the company attesting this.

Optional Criteria 4

  • I have two publications as I mentioned and I have a letter from a top industry leader recognising my ability who has contributed to one of my upcoming research papers too.
  • Five are in process.
  • I received award for my consultancy project (Dissertation) from my university as a best project. It was ML related for a top organisation in the UK. (I have letter from my research supervisor to attest this).

The help I need from all of you is how is my case looking like? How do I make it better and which optional criteria should I focus on? Do you think I should focus on all of them or what? Any feedback regarding this would be appreciate.

For the mandatory criteria there’s all the evidence are not so strong. How do you demonstrate you have been recognised as a leader? Reference letters alone are not sufficient, they should be supported by other evidence of your recognition and contributions. also just getting appreciation us not same as getting an industry recognised award.

For the optional criteria both evidence do not meet the criteria as they are not structured mentorship programmes.

Overall, you need to read the tech nation guide and also search the forum for lists of successful evidence so that you can understand that your evidence are not strong enough.

Oh I’m sorry, I made an error. I wanted to apply for exceptional promise, not exceptional talent. Bearing that in mind now, what else do you think I should provide to justify these?