(Exceptional Promise) Do I only need to be granted for 3 years to get my ILR?

I recently for my Promise endorsement. Previously I have been holding the Tier 2 Skilled Worker Visa for more than 2 years. Does it mean when I select this question at Stage 2, I can select just 3 years?

If the ILR counter resets no, unless you plan to leave before applying for ilr.

But why would it ‘reset’? The Gov website stated I can combine my 2 years Worker Visa, no?

Yeah if it’s mentioned that it counts it should not be a problem.

Yes 3 years is fine as you can combine your time on Tier 2.

As far as I know, time spent on Tier-2 skilled worker visa and Global Talent Promise can be combined for ILR eligibility. So you should be fine selecting 3-years.

Have you managed to get your ILR?