Exceptional Promise: Choosing between OC1 or OC3

About to submit my application as an exceptional promise. I am a startup co-founder & CTO but no traction has been made yet as we offer 12 months free of cost plan or service and it’s in the process. The product/platform is live and operational.

Key points: It’s an innovative and first-ever / online web platform of its kind at the national level, targeting B2B and B2C (marketplace). The only success stories related to this venture, I personally have are: Getting selected into the startup programs such as accelerators at national and international levels. Such as: Microsoft Founders hub, Founder institute etc.


  1. Given this situation, what suits best for me: OC 1 or OC 3?
  2. What type of evidence(s) should I be using for that chosen OC. Help me, please.

Thanks a lot!

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