Exceptional Promise Business Innovation

If I own and self manage an ecommerce retail business in the UK, that has been successfully running for a few months, what evidence can I show for innovation?

I developed the website, however, I can’t see that there is any unique aspect to this website that other shopify websites don’t have, except maybe choosing the right product or branding. However, there are other websites who sell similar products, too.

I have used business acumen and applied marketing strategies which increased sales over time. The whole website is entirely my idea, built by me and I manage everything - have generated £13000 in sales so far. Is this enough to prove my talent? I am unsure what can I add under innovation category.

Unfortunately, running an e-commerce business does not qualify you for the innovation category.

Innovation must prove that you have innovated something in the digital technology field. Successful applicants have proved this with evidence such as verified patents, news articles, repos, research, etc. If you had developed the e-commerce platform (example, Etsy or Shopify), then your experience would be relevant.

It sounds like you are in the field of retail, not in technology, since you are not employed by or the founder of a product-led digital technology company. Using technology (such as building websites, using a certain software, etc) does not mean you are in the field of digital technology.

Sadly, I do not think you qualify for this visa, and I wish you the best of luck.

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Many people in this forum answered this same question from you again and again for the last two weeks.

Unfortunately your store has nothing to do with innovation or digital technology so is not relevant to this visa.

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Thank you. There is a category for e-commerce & marketplace that’s why I asked

You seem to be convinced you retail business meet the criteria. Even if e-commerce was mentioned, you very well know you don’t run a product-led company. If you still feel the need to apply base on your current profile, you are more than welcome to do so perhaps a feedback from tech nation will put your repeated questions on this to rest


I understand that, thank you. I am not convinced but was rather wondering, that’s all. I believe Tech-Nation should include people who have achieved in e-commerce (even if it’s not “digital product” led). The reason being that creating a website is also quite technical and then making it work requires digital marketing expertise. I wouldn’t say e-commerce is completely a retail business, since websites use lots of apps and software to make their businesses run successfully, design, make it user-friendly, integrate different technologies to enhance customer experience etc.

As you said it only “uses apps and software”,
Not “creates apps and software”.

This may seem technical to you. If so, I think you should consider applying just like @Francisca_Chiedu said. But unfortunately we cannot help you because no one here thinks it is related to digital technology.