Example of referee credentials

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What would qualify other than a Curriculum Vitae as ‘credentials’ from a referee for a letter of endorsement? My endorsement referees are exec level people who, for the most part, have not had to update their CVs in many years so it is not going to be a small ask to update it.


Hello Michael,

Usually a reference to their LinkedIn profile in the bottom of the letter is the way to go and the easiest way to validate their professional history. No need to provide their CV.

Furthermore, they can dedicate first paragraph to describe their career to justify why their opinion about your achievements matter.

Hope this helps.

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Hi Michael,
as @herman.komashko pointed out LikedIn profile would also do the job provided, it reflects their actual standing. If they are too busy to update even that then you will have to politely request them to update it or alternatively provide CV. Regarding writing few lines in recco letter, I would say, if remaining space left after they write about themselves is enough to present your case then that is also ok. Last month, while helping someone, I agreed to have a look at a recco letter, and I found that the writer used almost a 2/3 of the first page writing about himself and so I had to suggest to have him reducing it to at-least half to say more about candidate.

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