Example of CV for a Top Reference?

Hello everyone,

just wanted to ask how can I provide CV of CEO of a well known cyber security company? He sent me signed letter but did not mention his Linkedin profile on the letter and of course I cannot ask him his CV as well. If I call out name, anyone in Cyber security industry should know that company. Is it still important to provide their CV as evidence? Or should I ask him to alter letter again and include his Linkedin?

My understanding or tip is, anyone who is recommending me and has a Linkedin profile, you can go to his profile > More > Export as PDF. Should that work as well?

Thank you

Hey Zamana,

Their CV is not neccesary at all. A brief (a few sentences) introduction of themselves in the beggining of the letter and a link to their LinkedIn profile is more then enough. If they gave you a consent to alter their LinkedIn profile link - I am sure you could do it yourself or alternatively ask them to update it.

Hope that helps.

Thanks for your response. I am not altering any thing. It is a Linkedin functionality that you can export any profile by clicking More > Export as PDF on their profile. I guess I should stop bothering the CEO and should attach their Linkedin profile in PDF.

Edit: Yes he did introduce himself and the company in 1st paragraph of the letter

Again, a PDF is not neccessary as you have a limit of pages in the letter. A simple link to LinkedIn profile at the bottom (in a signature/footer) is more then enough.

This is what I said that the CEO did not mention his Linkedin at the bottom and I don’t want to bother him again to include this. I already asked him to alter the letter twice :frowning:

Hi Zamana

For some of my referees, I used pdf output from linkedIn, that was fine. You may also consider the personal page on their organisation.

The purpose of the CV is just to give some more context about what does your reference do? If the viewer need to check, they should be able to find more information based on the information you provide.

Good luck!

Hi Steven,

Thanks for your valuable input. So out of 10 documents do letters and CVs of referees are considered a separate document or should I merged them in one document?

My pleasure. They are one document. And my impression is CV of referees don’t count towards the 3 pages per document. So you are free to attach their CV to their letter. Some of my referees lindedIn or CV is 3 pages long, and it was fine. I believe you should be able to reconfirm what I said in the visa application guidelines.