Evidence timing

Hi everyone, appreciate your views on two questions.

  1. While TN is clearly demanding Mandatory Criteria to be supported with fresh evidence (the last 5 years), does the same apply to optional criteria, eg “track record for inntovation” or “academic contributions”? Would any achievements of about 20 years old qualify as evidences for the optional criteria?

  2. Among the 3 required application recommenders I have potentially the same people who could also provide good evidences for mandatory/optional criteria. Should I ask them for separate letters as criteria evidences? Or otherwise a recommendation could be a single document and an evidence can additionally refer ro a particular part of it?

Thank you!

  1. I don’t think evidence from 20 years ago will count. Limit yourself to evidence within the last 5 years for all criteria.

  2. TN expects that the 3 people who write recommendation letters for you write/provide nothing else as part of the rest of your evidence. The TN guide states that if you want other evidence from the same company then someone else in the company has to write it (not the same person that wrote the recommendation letter).

For the rest of the evidence (excluding recommendation letters, personal statement, and CV) it is possible to use one piece of evidence for more than one criteria but only do so if the evidence is actually relevant to the criteria.

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