Evidence of participation in external activity outside profession

Dear team,

Please I would like to clarify if a LinkedIn company page of a digital technology startup used to mentor SMEs to upscale for digital transformation can fit in as an example of evidence for external activity outside daily profession in contribution to advancement of the digital technology sector.

I would really appreciate the clarification.

I am not one of the judges and wouldn’t know what the exact criteria is. That said I am not sure of your question here. Are you saying you ran a LinkedIn company page and if that can be used as evidence for external activity outside profession? Maybe. Depends on how engaging the activity was and what were the outcomes.

In general, the kind of things that fit that criteria are (not exhaustive list, just indicative):

  • Open Source contributions
  • Public speaking on relevant topics
  • Technology advocacy work
  • Working groups of various committees on technologies, like on an RFC
  • Working with academia in some capacity


It seems that LinkedIn page you are referring to might fit into Technology Advocacy work, but whether it fulfils the requirement or not might depend a lot on the outcomes - what effect did it have on people reading it?

I know it is a vague answer but I hope it helps.

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