Evidence of my input into a successful deal – Exceptional Promise visa

Hi all,

I am currently working on my Exceptional Promise visa portfolio, and I am a bit confused about gathering the evidence of the commercial impact of my work.

I am working in a digital healthcare startup as a Head of Communications, so my skills fall under the Sales/Marketing/Partially business development categories (any advice on that, by the way?).

The company is currently finalising a big contract with the new client (public healthcare system via commercial partner). I have played a crucial part in this deal as I attracted these clients during a big healthcare summit that we participated in a few months ago – I was presenting our solutions at the company booth.

The question is, how can I prove my contribution to this deal? What are the documents and other pieces of evidence that I would be expected to provide?

Any advice highly appreciated!

you can get a reference letter from the company and any document detailing your contribution.

Thank you! Do I understand it correctly that I will need the following:

  • A reference letter from the company describing my input in that deal (aside from other things that I have done)
  • A letter or agreement confirming the intentions of our new partners including the amount of money the company will earn, the timeframe of the future contract and etc.

Would that be sufficient? Or would I need anything else to prove my input (e.g. photographs from the event where I was working with the company)?

you can asd your employment contract