Evidence of Mentorship

Hi team,

I have 80 mentorship sessions at platoHQ from 2022 till 2023 over the course of a year. I have done mentorship for free, however plato used to charge $300 per month for its mentees. I have good feedback and consistent rating above 4.5/5 over all the sessions and qualitative feedbacks as well.
Now plato has changed its scheme and it allows mentors to charge (minimum $40), however I have not done sessions recently and almost all my sessions were volunteer. Can I use it as one of the evidence highlighting that I have done it for free, or plato earning through it creates issues?


If Plato’s website confirms that mentees are paid, this may not pass. You need to also show that it is a structured mentorship programme.

I mean mentees (those seeking mentorship) are paying $300 per month. The mentors (those who train) were earlier not paid till 2023. (My period is till 2023). Post this period, they started paying mentors as well. I can show my account that I have not earned any money from plato during my sessions as it is there on my credits page.