Evidence of mentorship [Structured mentorship]-QC 2

Hi all,
I have a query related to one of QC-2’s examples mentioned in the tech nation website.
Can anyone explain about structured mentorship like what tech nation expects us to provide on this. For example if a candidate has conducted two or three days workshops for colleges/universities and has a letter from the chairman/director of college/university suffice the criteria if so then what type of evidence can one provide to prove that. Will screenshots of the presentation through which he conducted the workshop suffice as evidence along with the letter from the Chairman/Director…?

Please help and thanks in advance…

Hi Moi, although I did not use this criteria, your proposal sounds good to me. Basically, try to put together as much solid evidence as possible, and make it easy for the assessor to get your message.
If you have pictures, thank you letter from your men tees, etc. You may also add them in. Two pages in the digital format can add a lot evidence.
Above just my personal advice for your reference. Good luck with your application.

@steven4320555 thanks a lot for your view on this…I will try make it as strong as possible…

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