Evidence number of pages

I am combining Letter of Reference and Evidence into one document.

Would it be fine if they go to 4 pages? The reference goes into two pages because of the author credentials and detailed discussion of my work.

Please guide. Anyone who applied evidence with more than 3 pages for some of the evidences, and got endorsement?


Please do not extend more than 3 pages. Stick to the rules

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Author credentials / resume don’t count towards the 3 page limit


The letter of recommendation can be up to 3 single sides of A4 paper, excluding the author’s credentials and contact details
The evidence must consist of no more than ten documents in total, with each piece of evidence/document of no more than three A4 sides in length

These two different types of documents - sit in different sections on the application form. Not sure how you can ‘combine’ into one.

Best of luck.


I wanted to use a letter of recommendation to support my evidence, and since there’s a limit to the number of documents, I thought of merging the evidence and the letter to keep within the limit.

Thank you for your good wishes.


Don’t repeat a letter of recommendation as an evidence. All evidence and letters must be unique.