Evidence Gathering tech na endorsement

Hello Everyone, I am a full-stack developer with over a year of experience but my growth has been tremendous… I have recently served as a principal engineer on an advanced ecommerce software application development.

The TN approves that anyone with less than 5years or fewer years can apply for Promise.

I have 3 level high executive members with whom i can get my LOR from.

My personal statement will also be provided by me.

For my Mandatory Criteria, i intend to use my salary scale compared against other salary in my country (Nigeria) , and 2 projects i personally developed

for OC1 and OC2, i intend to use the projects i developed for my employer

My fear is that I do not have any prove of open source contribution like some other applicants.

Do I still have a strong chance of getting tech nation endorsement if I provide evidences in my skill set and demonstrated project.

My skillsets are HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, custom WordPress development, Yii2, MySQL, Azure devops amongst others.