Evidence gathering (Newbie)

Hello everyone, how old should the evidence I want to use for the application be?

All your evidence should not be more than five years. Also don’t use recent evidence that are close to the timing of your application

@Francisca_Chiedu Thanks for your response.
Yeah, I understand this.

Let me be specific, is a 9 months old evidence okay to be used for the application?

I’d say yes. The general rule of thumb for a singular event is 6 months+.
Also - if you have evidence of the same type of activity (open source participation, forums, etc.) spanning some time than I believe it’s fine to have the most recent evidence for that very fresh

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Thank you for this. I get it now.

9 months should be fine, but they generally look at the overall application to arrive at the conclusion that you are an exceptional talent or promise m

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