Evidence for Mandatory Criteria

Hi everyone,

Can building an app free of charge for a cooperative society serve as an additional evidence for Mandatory criteria? I’m thinking of the criteria as per it is close to this type of criteria on Technation website -> * Outside of your normal day-to-day job role, you established, led or were a senior contributor to a large technology-led industry initiative, evidenced through reference letter(s) from global senior project executives.

For context: I was a member of the society (as a somewhat like a on-executive board member) and offered to build them a complete app that is working and they are using to manage transactions of over 300 members and £115,000 in transactions

Evidences I plan to submit:
-Letter of recognition from the Chairman of the society
-Lines of Code

Can I screenshot a letter, paste inside msword and add some explanation at the top? Is this a good way to present my evidences?

@Francisca_Chiedu @taseh @Victrr please help take look a t this. Thanks

@Secure_Tobs please help look at. Thanks

I think that overall your scope provided could possibly be considered in mandatory criteria, however, your evidence of the line of code does not look convincing as strong evidence. The letter alone is only supplemental to your evidence. I suggest you add 1-2 more that show that you are a leader in your field, and/or add more explanation about the lines of codes to convince the assessor that you are a leader or potential leader in digital technology, not just a simple contributor to an app. Bring the most out of yourself.

Also please ensure that the cooperative society is considered a large technology-led industry initiative or in a digital technology sector.

I hope this helps.

Thanks a lot @alexnk. So I have the following evidences for Mandatory Criteria:

  1. CTO/CO-founder of a start-up by showing lines of Code & letter of reference
  2. News-paper clipping showing me as co-founder of same start-up
  3. High Salary (employment contract and shares) in another company

I am only considering adding this cooperative society to add more to my MC, but I’m wondering if it will add to the strength of my application or that’s what the assessor will pick as a weak point :slight_smile:

I’m wondering why you could not instead explain what you did in 1 or 2 pages and add a reference letter to back it up. Why do you want to screenshot the letter?

Thanks @Victrr , about the screenshot, the confusion was more around how I combine the evidences together so that it does not exceed 10, but I think someone said earlier that there is a field to explain what one’s evidence is about and then one can then attach the evidence, so that makes it clearer for me. Previously, I was wondering how to write some explanation and also merge a letter given to me by someone else in a pdf, all together in a single evidence.

Write 1 or 2 pages explaining what you did and 1 or 2 page letter for a reference that witnessed it. This is more common. Either way you do it, a single evidence must not exceed 3 pages