Evidence For Job Contract

Hello Friends,

I will add my salary & job contract as an evidence but i just can’t figure out something…
My job contract is 6 pages long, and also i will get a letter from my company which includes my current salary, position and when i started working. Also i am getting bonuses paid every 3 months (quarters). To add them i also need to add my payroll. They are not in english, (payroll and my job contract) so i will need to translate them from a legal translation office.
Important notes on my job contract is on first 2 pages (when i start, my starting salary etc.)
Also i need to write an explanation for the average salaries in my country.

If i add my first 2 pages, company letter , latest payroll, explanation it will end up 5 pages. Will it be a problem because over 3 pages?

Do i also need the add original files which is written in the original language?

So what should i do to deal with this any suggestions ?

Thank you

you don’t need to add company letter to the contract. You either use company letter confirming your earnings or use the contract

I understand, but my salary increased x4 times after i did the contract, so i will add the letter from my company explaining my monthly salary & payroll from our goverment’s systems. Do i need to translate the payroll or i explain the titles is enough ? like ‘xxx’ means gross total, ‘yyy’ means net total etc.

Thank you.

I personally don’t place a strong weight in salary so so whatever works for your. From previous application feedback shared high salary doesn’t seem to be a very strong evidence when compared to other external facing evidence like speaking and acting and consistent media recognition of your work