Evidence focus and authorized translation

Hi talents

I am preparing my evidences, personal statement and LoR now.

I worked at food delivery company before as a partnership manager.
I aimed to drive use acquisition, have payment partnership and drive new monetisation products.
I know the technology sector is accepted by AI, Fintech, cyber and games. Therefore, I would like to highlight my payment partnership as main point. For example, I made Apple Pay and Line Pay integration partnership which drove more orders.
I am wondering if I could also highlight my monetisation achievement as a good commercial contribution as I drove over GBP100k revenue by selling new advertising products.

For translation, should I find the authorized translation organisation?
I read some previous discussion but I still feel confused.
Hope someone who got visa could share your experience.


Hi there

I also would like to know if LoR is the evidence of MC or OC.
Should I include LoR as an evidence or exclude it?

Looking forward to hearing from your experience.


No, don’t include it as you’re wasting that 1 slot you could have used for another evidence. You can get additional reference instead

Yes. Authorized translation organisation worked. Better to attach the original copy in google drive.