Evidence document in First Person or Third Person

I’m in the process of collecting documents for applying for Exceptional Talent GT visa.

I was wondering if there’s a consensus / recommendation from the group on the type of writing

First person
e.g. I, me, mine


  • Seems natural to think & read


  • Might come of as less formal

Third person
e.g. Chaitanya, X, Y, He/him/his, She/her/hers They/them/theirs


  • Formal writing


  • Might seem unnatural/fabricated?

I understand there is no recommendation made by the official tech nation guide which means either is fine. But I wanted to feel the pulse of this group nonetheless.

As fr as I am aware most people write in First Person. Honestly this is not so important, just have the evidence to show you meet the eligibility criteria

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This is the last thing you should think of, that too if you have time. Focus on the big elephant

Thanks for sharing your opinion. However, it still doesn’t answer the question :slight_smile:

I don’t think they care much about formality. For me, I wrote in first person. The entire context of the application process is selling what you did in the past. So first person pronouns would sound more natural…
Just think of yourself as being in an interview, for instance
I even believe they want you to come as original as you can.

The only instance I think they’ll expect formality would be in your references and recommendation letters as those are not directly coming from you.

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Thanks, Makes sense. I am going with first person as well.