Evaluate On Eligiblity, pleeease

Hi there,

Thanks a lot for this network, it helps a lot. I have to admit, It’s the first website where I created an account after the first day.

I will point my case in points so it’s easier,

  • BA degree from Palestine in computer since in 2014
  • Worked as a software engineer since then in different companies
  • I volunteered as a startup hackathons mentor in different occasions
  • In 2019 I moved to work in the UK as back end engineer on Skilled worker visa
  • 2022 I started my master degree (part time) in Advanced computer science (still going)
  • Now I’m a Senior software engineer in one of the tech lead health care companies in London


  • CTO of my current company
  • CIO of my current company
  • Maybe My manager
  • Start up sector leader organisation

Im trying to apply for a promise. Based on the checkier, it says I can apply and I can get it the endorsment.

I have another question, does tech nation help in writing the application with me? Is there a specialist/templates to help me in that?

Thaanks in advance

they only have their legal partner. They are quite expensive, however, if you decide to pay someone that work with Technation, then these are the only ones:

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Thanks a lot @Maya, that helps. I will drop them email and see the prices.

Do you have any idea about the possibility for me getting the endorsment?!

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i cant advise at this stage as i dont know your evidences. however, you are definitely in the sector and it will all depend on how you pack your evidences and sell your potentials to assessors.

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Lovely, thanks again @Maya . That makes a lot of sense.
Maybe if I get help from the lawyers you mentioned, I will have more potential to get it.

@naji_karaja I would highly recommend reading the tech nation guide at least 12-15 times and taking some notes. The more you read, more clarity! I am not advising against seeking commercial help but the the point on which you are seeking help can’t be offered from someone external. It’s about YOU. You are the candidate. Please, highly recommend reading the guide as well as some detailed posts on this forum.


Interesting. That really helps, @makeitfly, thanks a lot. I got your point.
I red the guide quite a few times, and it sounds an interesting process needs a time to be done. However, I’m seeking for help to save some time for myself, as I’m busy between working and studying.
The question in other words, how would I save some time for myself?

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If by time you mean someone else writing for you - I am not sure of that. As much I understand the commercial folks will edit it but the content must come from you (naturally). And if that happens you save what - 5% time?

What you must aim is to shorten the time it takes to build the pack. And for doing that this forum has so many resources available.

You are the decision maker, I just shared my view but make your calculated decision.

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Thanks a lot @makeitfly, your view really matters. I’m reading every word you say.
It’s my first time here, and for sure you know a lot more than me.

So you advice me to write the application myself, and give it to someone review it, or adding the last touches.

I didn 't understood what do you mean by the following,

“What you must aim is to shorten the time it takes to build the pack. And for doing that this forum has so many resources available.”

Can you point me at one of the rescources that helps in my case? Just an example so I know what exactly you mean?