Entry delay to the UK after endorsement

I am in the process of applying for an exceptional talent visa and I have a few questions regarding the stage 2 application. Besides the passport and the endorsement letter, are there any other documents required?

Additionally, is it possible to apply for the visa now but delay the entry to the UK until July 2024? If not, what is the latest time frame that I can request to enter the UK?

Furthermore, I would like to know what steps I need to take after submitting the stage 2 application and receiving approval from the Home Office.

I would appreciate any information or guidance on these matters. Thank you in advance for your help!

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All the questions that you have asked are clearly stated on the TechNation website. Check the website.

The only that might not be clearly stated is the delay of entry. And yes, you can delay your entry. I got my endorsement in April 2022 but when registering for my visa, I said I wanted to enter the UK in February 2023.

That is what I did and it worked. The only inconvenience is your BRP might take a few more weeks to come out when you enter the UK.

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