Endorsement updates on technation site?

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Post application, do we get any updates regarding the “activity” in the technation site - https://tech-nation-visa.smapply.io/ or do we get to know only when the Homeoffice emails us?

The only update that I see in the site is - "moved application to stage “assessment”. Does it mean it is not picked up yet?

Those who submitted application to Technation late december or early january, have you started recieving feedback?

Sorry for many questions, fingers crossed:-)


As far as I am aware, after submitting on tech nation’s website, the endorsement email comes from the home office. If you are endorsed, it comes from a central email titled “application update”.

Lately, most people get a response in three weeks.

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Thankyou @Francisca_Chiedu! appreciate the quick response…

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Recieved my endorsment today. Thanks for all the support from this forum.


I will say just wait. Its between 3weeks - 8 weeks. But most people have received in 3weeks. Mine was 3weeks.

Hi Sharath/any one else
I submitted through agent. . I didn’t get any email from Home office . My agent says - my endorsement was rejected but I got no communication. I wanted to apply for review but have no clue when a rejection came or what was the reason?. Can you throw some light if you have time.
Thanks in advance

You should defenitely have the same option to appeal as everyone else. As far as I know, email is the only way to know any update on rejection or acceptance. Neither the home office website or technation website provide any updates in the form. In this case, the mail might have gone to your agent. Please ask your agent for the email update.

Thanks very much Sharath. Can I have your direct email…would like to get some ideas from you , if you can. I am based out of UK.


@Bhagavathy_Padmanabh, that sound like some fraud scheme. The agent took your money, promising he would submit something. After some time, just informs you were rejected, even without providing detailed feedback sent by Tech Nation upon every rejection.

Do you have any reference numbers, credentials to access the Tech Nation application, email used on the application, so you can contact HO/TN directly and try to recover your existing application?

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Can you please share with us rejection reason ?