Endorsement update

Hello everyone
I’m delighted to inform you that after applying for exceptional promise on Nov 7th, I received endorsement for exceptional talent today.
I’m grateful for the insights I’ve received on this forum.
I’m a procurment and supply chain leader with focus on bringing technology to procurement.
My recommendation letters were from; a leader in digital procurment within the UK’s cabinet office and a minister of digital economy from my country and the last one from a leader in digital healthcare.
My experiences were mainly on digital commercial and sales, though just about to complete a PhD in Blockchain and supply chain in a reputable U.K. university. I have also contributed to policies in digital tech and presented widely in conferences in Africa, Middle East and Europe over the last 4 years.
Many thanks and good luck to everyone!


Could you share a guide as to your document checklist?

congratulations! do you mind sharing your CV [linkedin?] what optional criterion did you go for? what were the 10 evidences you provided and which evidence was for which criterion? which conferences did you speak at and what policies did you contribute to?

Thanks in advance!

Here’s a summary

CV overview;
I’m globally recognised leader in procurement and supply chain with a fellowship of a leading procurement professional body in the UK, contributed both academically and in practice to bring Blockchain technology to procurement. I’m about to complete a PhD in blockchain and supply chain in the UK. Supported the UK’s public sector to explore and adopt blockchain for supply chain, led commercial technology business of a digital product to a complex public sector organisations in my country etc

Recommendation letter 1 - Digital procurement leader within the UK’s central government
Recommendation letter 2 - Minister of digital economy of my county
Recommendation letter 3 - Leader and CTO of a digital health care company

Mandatory criteria

  1. Reference letter from Director at Government IT regulator, and a letter from MD of digital product led company confirming my leadership for the commercial and sales of a digital-led product to the government.
  2. Letter of invitation to speak at the International conferences and the snapshot of my presentation at the conference, which was attended by more than 6,000 participants globally one in my country and 3 others abroad
  3. Reference letter from the Head of Blockchain Centre and Professor of Information Systems confirming my significant contribution to the Blockchain technology sector and the project concept I have contributed in Europe
  4. A copy of awards I received at conferences as 1st runner up best paper award in the Middle East and for developing a new blockchain concept in Europe

Optional criteria 1
At least 1 example of proof of recognition for work beyond the applicant’s occupation that contributes to the advancement of the field

  1. Pieces of evidence for my high-level contribution to advancing the Blockchain technology sectors through conferences, events and mentorships.
  2. Pieces of evidence for the contribution to a digital technology policy in my country
  3. Letters of engagements as co-founder of a digital non-profit organisation and committee chair for a digital conferences

At least 1 example of exceptional ability in the field by academic contributions through research endorsed by an expert.

  1. Letter of award for a merit scholarship for PhD in Blockchain by a reputable research funding organisation in my country
  2. Compilation of my peer-reviewed international academic conference papers (abstracts and acceptance).
  3. Letter of award for a merit scholarship for PhD in Blockchain by the reputable technology research funding organisation from my country
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Congratulations. Did you get any edits at all? what date did you get the endorsement, I applied on the 7th of November as well, still waiting though …

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No, I received endorsement yesterday!

Congrats!!! Did you receive any feedback from TN explaining why they give you a talent instead promise( obviously it’s because you’re overqualified for a promise haha!)

I’m about to submit my application and I’m thinking if it will be safer to apply for a promise instead of a talent? (I feel I’m qualified for a talent as I have more than 5 years experience but not sure what TN feels.)

Go for what you feel you’re qualified for. Play safe indeed but don’t underestimate yourself.

No explanation was given and I’m not interested in one!


Congratulations! Your evidence clearly meet the requirement for talent.

I appreciate your support in answering some of my boring questions! Cheers

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Do you have career experiance outside the uk and how did you submitted an evidance of that

Hello everyone. Please I’m new here on this platform. I want to seek beneficial opinions on whether someone on Tier 4 could apply for stage 2 within the UK.

Yes, you can apply for stage 2 in the UK. You are switching your visa.

Good afternoon, Francisca
Many thanks for your quick and valuable response.

Besides, I have submitted my application to The British Academy for exceptional promise endorsement. It is now three weeks after submission.

From this platform, I have seen some guys that got their endorsements within three weeks after submission. I am being apprehensive to get my endorsement within three weeks to apply for my visa.


British Academy is not the endorsement body for digital technology. This forum is for those seeking endorsement for digital technology. British Academy may take more time. Generally it takes 8 weeks

Thanks, Francisca

I am trying to get a British Academy forum like this to share thoughts and views on exceptional promise endorsement. I couldn’t get