Endorsement Response Time

Has anyone got endorsement response recently? On an average, how much time tech nation is taking now a days?

Mine took about four weeks.


It depends on case to case and the documents authenticity. Further, how you presented your documents in your personal statement.

@abd I got my endorsement on Friday 23rd April 2021 after my endorsement review. Phew! That was a close call to not been endorsed. It took 2 weeks to get rejected then submitted an endorsement appeal.

Submitted Stage1: 6th of April
Rejection: 19th of April
Submitted endorsement review: 20th of April
A positive endorsement from Tech Nation: 23rd of April


Hi Jamal, what do you mean authenticity?

Authenticity of your documents, if that document not verifying online then TN may be directly/indirectly verify that document which need will more time.

What was the reason you were initially rejected and what did you say in your appeal to get a positive review?

Some pieces of evidence were not adequately considered, i had to point them out again.

Typically 3 weeks. I submitted my documents on 24th June 2021 and got my endorsement on 13th July, 2021.


Can you guide me through the application process ?

When do you apply and when did you receive it ?

Hi @sojo
Did you get a confirmation of submission email after you sent your appeal? or did you just wait for a response?

@lasisi_samuel yes I got confirmation that it got to Tech Nation.