Endorsement Received!

Hello world, I have received my tech nation endorsement for Promise!, really excited. Want to use this opportunity to say thank you to everyone and to all those that usually take time out of their busy schedule to answer question(s) on this forum, those questions and answers helped a lot, thank you! Below I will try and give detail about my endorsement and the documents I submitted.

I submitted my endorsement with tech nation on the 7 of July and got my application response from the home office on Aug 4th. here are the documents that are submitted.

  1. Personal Statement

    • Gave details about how I got into tech, how I transitioned from Community Management to a Blockchain developer
    • Gave an intro to my present startup, a Blockchain Non-custodian wallet, we have gotten two separate grants from one of the public blockchains, also added this in the statement.
    • Spoke about my plans, my current plan in the UK, and my plans for the future.
  2. Resume

    • My Resume was up to date
  3. Mandatory Criteria

    1. Certificate as a Blockchain Expert
    2. Company incorporation document(it is a Blockchain-based Company I incorporate in Delaware)
    3. A reference Letter from a Blockchain Company I worked for as a Blockchain developer.
  4. Optional Criteria 1(proof of Innovation)

    1. Same documents submit as MC(2)
    2. Proof of Contribution as a Blockchain Developer to a Blockchain-based invoice marketplace ( with screenshots of my Github contributions)
    3. Proof of Contributions to another Blockchain Defi Project(with Screenshots of my contributions)
  5. Optional Criteria 1(Work outside your Day-2-day activities)

    1. An open-source Blockchain Authentication Package I created(Already hosted on PyPI with users already using it, the screenshot was attached)
    2. Proof of Backing an Opensource Project Financially with a monthly contribution, (the screenshot was attached)
    3. Quora Contributions(added proof of my contributions to quora on topics like Blockchain, Crypto, smart Contracts etc)
    4. Open source contributions(Some other open source contributions were all grouped as single evidence)
  6. Recommendation Letters

    1. CEO of an Online Marketplace where startups can hire developers (something like Andela or Vanhack)
    2. A top Blockchain Leader within my country’s Blockchain space also recommended me.
    3. A formal Blockchain company I worked for based in the UK, also recommended me.

In total, the evidence is 15, with a maximum of 3 single-side A4 pages, excluding your statement which you need to submit using the techNation side.

Above all, Anyone can do it! Take your time to read and read the Tech Nation guide, that’s the official documentation, all that one needs is within the guide, this forum is another great place I come to when I need clarity on any issue with regards to the application process.

Once again, thanks, Everyone!


Congratulations Afo :tada:


Yaayyy!!! :dancing_men: :dancing_men:

What a delightful news :laughing:
I am so happy for you…
I’ll keep clapping for winners till my turn :grin:


@Afo Congratulations! :smiley:


Congratulations, when did you apply and how much time it took to receive endorsement?

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Congratulations! And thank you for sharing. Your post is really helpful.


@Afo what kind of “Certificate as a Blockchain Expert” did you use?


This is awesome, it appears so simple but its not. One has to be in his industry for years to rank up enough proofs to present. Congrats again!


Congrats!!! All the best for stage 2!


Congrats Afo!

You clearly deserve it.


Congratulations Afo!

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Congratulation @Afo
All the best

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Can we add 15 evidences to support application in all way ? I mean 15 evidences excluding LOR and CV
Can we add more than 10 evidences for 3 optional?
@Francisca_Chiedu @Afo

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No. You can only provide 10

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14 evidences with a maximum of 3 single-side A4 pages, excluding your personal statement which you need to submit using the techNation side.

You can’t add more than 10, there is already a restriction to that when you try to upload your evidence on the tech nation website.

i won’t want to mention the name of the Blockchain company itself but if you are within the blockchain space you would know some of the reputable names you can use.

@Francisca_Chiedu @Afo Thank you for your reply. Just last question.

I have a recommendation letter from a CEO (He is expert and leader in tech industry and worked with big companies), who is my employer, TechNation Rising Star, Featured on TechNation and Judge for Rising Star Panel, do you think that is good for my profile or it will put negative impact because his association with technation?

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I think it is fine. As long as he has an outstanding public profile that confirms he is a leader


@hash Unfortunately, as @Francisca_Chiedu has already mentioned and as per TN GTV guidelines you can not provide more than 10 evidences.

However, I was having a similar issue so, I consolidated some of the evidences as one (but within the 3 page limit) and provided that as part of my visa endorsement.

In case it helps, my evidences and endorsement application details are mentioned here: This is how I got my Endorsement for Global Talent Visa under Exceptional Talent Route (AI/ML Researcher)

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!

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You also need to watch as the guide states at evidence in a document must be related.