Endorsement received for promise! alhamdulillah!

I received an endorsement for exceptional promise after applying last week.

Here is my list of evidence.


  • College professor I did research with.
  • Government official responsible for implementing technology for education
  • CTO of my company


  • News clippings talking about my work at my company and another of my university research (provided official translation from Arabic)
  • Company incorporation and financial statements
  • Company and personal revenue statements
  • My degree proof, 2 bachelors, one in Islamic studies and one in Information Systems.

OC1 -
I focused on an innovative product my company makes. I was scared it might be labeled as consulting and was careful not to use the word consulting as the primary users are education departments in Islamic countries and schools. These products are very innovative and have no competitors, many ed tech solutions are generic and ours are adapted to Islamic education.

  • Letters of appreciation from clients
  • Student satisfaction surveys
  • Screenshots with translations
  • Innovative feature showcase, including AI to detect haram and automatic customization of material for girls and boys to take into account different requirements as per Islam.
  • Case study of how it was able to aid in transform the education of girls and implement a different curriculum in girls schools.

Side project apps I have on the app store for religious applications to help learn the Quran in a fun way, download statistics and reviews, commit count.


Congratulations. I am happy for you.
We’re patiently waiting for positive feedback having applied for over a month now. Congratulations once again.

Thank you, inshallah you will get the positive feedback as well! The wait time seems random, some are quick some are slow.

Insha Allah. Thank you

Congratulations, how long was your wait? when did you submit and when were you approved? were you checking edits?

I did not check any edits, I paid the fee earlier but only did the submission end of last week. Friday I think.

Oh wow! That’s superquick! Congratulations! Goodluck!

Hi Everyone,

Is there a way i can confirm if an endorsement is genuine?..
As its almost a year since my hisband and I got endorsed, and we’ve not been able to successfully relocate to the UK because our visa hasn’t been stamped.

After much research, We got information that its because no employment letter has been sent.

This has made me so worried, and would appreciate if I get a means to confirm our endorsement.

Thank you in anticipation of your help.

If you made your visa application directly to UKVI then you should have received a response within a certain time frame that ideally, shouldn’t exceed 8 weeks. You do not have to receive an offer of employment before you are granted your visa. Did you apply directly on tech nation’s application website, was the endorsement email sent you directly from Home Office UK and did you apply for your visa on gov.uk? Your situation isn’t really clear.

Thank you for your response.

The application was done directly on tech nation"s website. The visa application was also done on the UK website.

As a matter of fact, Afternoon the Endorsement, a job was given, and we got ro the point of sending our itinerary.

Then on the day we were to receive the visa, we sent a dispatch and we were told it wasn’t ready.

Who did you send a dispatch to, TLS? And have you contacted UKVI about your visa or did you use a third party person for everything? The last update you received about the “employment letter”, was it from UKVI or from TLS?

If your passport is with TLS, then you should contact them directly and also reach out to UKVI for an update