Endorsement Letter - Email or Separate Letter?

I know I’m supposed to attach the ‘Tech Nation Endorsement Letter’ as part of my Stage 2 application.

All I have is the email from Tech Nation. Is this what I need to attach this email as proof of endorsement or is there a separate letter somewhere I’m not aware of?


Email is the only proof of endorsement with the applicant hence I guess thats the only option.

It is the email you need to include in your stage 2 submission. I am not aware anything else is sent.

Print the email as PDF or something like that.

Another confusion you may experience is that in the list of documents to submit at TLS (during biometrics), the endorsement letter is not even mentioned.
You will need to submit it as “additional document”.

Per Home Office guidelines, your endorsement letter is the only document you should need to submit but I guess they have not updated their process.

Congratulations on your endorsement.