Endorsement for promising talent endorsement

Hello everyone

I am currently in the UK on a graduate visa. I have a Masters degree in Cyber Security however getting a job has been difficult because most companies are not providing visa sponsorship and my visa is going to ran out in March 2024.

I am currently co-founding a Tech startup however we have registered this startup on an accelerator program if we pass the interview process then it means we will be doing the accelerator program incubator for 12 weeks which is from January to March 2024. I wanted to ask whether I can use this startup to be part of the evidence despite the fact that it’s still cooking.
What evidence do I need to submit for the Tech nation endorsement in terms of this startup.

Does the startup have traction through revenue?
What has been your contribution?

You should also read the guideline carefully to determine the eligibility of your other evidence

If you are still working in the startup and have no product or evidence of products in the market, investment raised, then am not sure what you want to show. Company registration document is not sufficient.