Endorsement Duration

I have submitted the Stage-1 endorsement application on 5th oct. Now it has been 15 working days and the decision is not yet made. Going through different websites and forum, I found that usually the decisions positive/negative was received in 10-12 working days.
Is there a way I can connect with Tech Nation or Home Office to know if my application have been picked up or not?
What could be the reason for such long time without any decisions?

Thank You !!

It can take upto 4 to 6 weeks. So don’t worry.

Thank you for your response.
Is there a way I can know if my application is picked up? The reason for asking is - I have hit submit button consisting of my application on technation website after 4 hours of submitting the application on Home office website.

Hi There,
It’s now the 5th week (21st day) since the application have been submitted. Does anyone suggest to contact tech nation to check the status? Or should i keep waiting until their SLA (i.e. 8weeks). Please suggest.

Thank you !!