Endorsement Check List Review- Kindly Help

Hi All ,

Kindly check the documents which i have currently and kindly review and let me know what is missing . Am new to this forum . Please assist me

About me : About 13 years of experience in Telecommunication domain as Data Scientist worked across various telco companies

  1. Statement of purpose
  2. CV
  3. Recommendation letter from CTO of other A Telecom company
  4. Recommendation letter from my current B company CEO
  5. Recommendation letter from CFO of C Company
  6. Rotary Club - NGO reference letter for the contribution of the new project . Project source code +Photo evidence for the event conducted along with the magazine article for the event participated as a speaker
  7. Start up Mentorship reference letter + Certificates + Photo evidence
  8. High salary proof + Contracts + Pay slips around 130K pounds per year
  9. Participated as a lead speaker for the international conference conducted by a university 1 & university 2 - Zoom link+ photo evidence +linked-in+
    Newspaper + youtube evidence are there
  10. University Mentorship evidence - invite letter + certificate + photo evidence + Recommendation letter
  11. Participated as lead speaker in Data science Submit which has 650+ virtual Audience
  12. Git hub Repository with 10 Repository projects

Please let me know am i eligible for Exceptional talent criteria.



Hi @Suganya,

This is great. You have so many qualifications and an excellent shot to climb the global exceptional Talent visa. To get more insight, can you please categorise your above evidence into Mandatory and Optional criteria(1,2,3,4)? So that we can make sure that you are checking all the criteria as expected. Cheers!!

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Hi Tamil Selvan ,

Thanks for your swift reply

Please find the details below:

  1. Statement of Purpose

  2. Telecom Company A CTO reference letter

  3. Telecom Company B Head of Network reference letter

  4. Telecom Company C CFO reference letter

10 Piece of Evidence


1: Proof of Employment & Contract from a Government Telecom as a senior Data Scientist Plus High salary wages proof

2: Reference letter from my current company D CEO recognizing the significant contribution for the growth of the business

3: Participated in the university international work shop for the students, YouTube link + photos + newspaper articles are available

4: Government project was done and the reference letter from secretary of information Technology plus high level architectural Diagram


5.Employement contract and pay slip


6: International virtual Submit speaker with over 650+ virtual participants across the globe, certificates plus video recording are available

7: Mentoring the Engineering Students for the past 5 years, certificate plus photos plus recommendation letter are available as proof

8: Rotary Club - NGO Project was delivered and contributed to their growth. Photos / certificates/reference letters are available

9: Reference letter from SME regarding my project impacts on the new startups


9.Github commit with 10 project repositories

10.Reference letter from my previous company Director


You provide looks great. Have you worked in a productled compaNy?

Hi Francisca,

I worked in core telecommunications company for past 8 years as group data warehouse and AI manager


@Francisca_Chiedu @Tamil_Selvan what is the GitHub requirement ? Is there any repositories count ? Followers ? Stars ?
And the account need to be active for this many years ?

I guess you may be considered eligible. if your role is technical

as far as i know the most important factors are: Consistency & continuity (So not just one contribution in a while) and good engagements (Likes and shares).

Best of luck

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if you have one solid repo with many forks and stars with good commits, then it is more than enough. There is no count bar. you have to explain the metrics in your positive way

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