[ENDORSED] Product Manager - Questions about STAGE 2

Hi Everyone,

I just received my endorsement and will apply for stage 2 this week.

This is my initial visa application, and I am not switching from another visa type. In the document checklist, there are checkboxes such as;

  • Information about your visit
  • Money (either income or savings)
  • Home address
  • Evidence of assets

Do I need to provide that kind of document, or will my passport and endorsement email be enough? (TB test is not required for the country I applied from)

Thanks in advance for your comments!

The checklist is a semi-generic form, you only need to submit you passport and the endorsement letter. Note that the application itself only listed the passport as needed.
If you have dependents they’ll need more evidence proving your relationship.

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Thank you so much that was a relief for me :slight_smile: