[Endorsed] Product Manager - Exceptional Promise

Hi all! I received my endorsement for exceptional promise a couple of days ago and I wanted to share my experience, in the hopes of helping others. I decided to go about this by sharing some tips as opposed to detailing my entire case, because every case is different.

Profile Background

  • I am currently based in the UK on a Skilled Worker visa
  • I have less than 5 years of experience working as a full-time Product Manager in the digital technology sector
  • All of my prior work experience is in the digital technology sector, specifically in product-led companies
  • All my letters of reference and support letters were written by senior or management-level (director level and above) product leaders, working in the digital technology sector

1. Recommenders: All of my recommenders were in some way leaders in the digital technology sector. This part is obviously really important. This doesn’t mean that they were all influencers with 1000s of followers, but they all had 7+ years of experience, were high-ranking (but not necessarily C-level), and served as mentors or were speakers at conferences etc. They were all from different companies. Only 1 of my recommenders worked with me for 12+ months as my manager. The others worked with me for less time, but I was able to prove we maintained a relationship/they were aware of my projects after our working relationship ended (via mentorship etc.)

2. Drafting the letters of recommendation: I highly recommend drafting the basis of the letters of recommendation ahead of time for your recommenders, as they are busy people (e.g. formatting the letter with a header and other relevant pieces of information). Be clear about the goal of the letters is and provide them with a detailed breakdown (or pre-drafted lines) for when you met, what projects you worked on etc.

3. Own you story and be clear about your impact: As long as you meet the high-level criteria, focus on writing a really good story about the work you have done and your background (this includes the pieces of evidence, the personal statement etc.) Don’t compare yourself to others too much (I did this) and it doesn’t help. Focus on the work you have done and the impact (e.g. I saved the company x amount, or I helped the team deliver faster etc.)

4. Be specific: This one is really important. If you mentored as part of a program, provide the email screenshots. If you attended a conference where you were a speaker, include a banner from the event, a recording if possible, your slides, the email invitation etc. Explain everything as though the person reading your case is not an expert in the digital technology sector.

5. Edit, edit and edit again: Read your pieces of evidence over and over and over again. I can’t stress this enough. You will notice typos every-time. Make sure it is readable and understandable for someone who does not work in tech and is not familiar with your projects. One thing I did to test this is ask friends (who do not work in tech) to read some of my pieces of evidence.

6. Ask people for help: From family, to friends, to former colleagues or strangers on the internet. People are willing to help. If they don’t answer that’s ok, but it doesn’t hurt to ask. For example I asked a friend’s boyfriend (who happens to be a copywriter) to proofread my personal statement.

7. FINALLY make your application pretty: I’m not kidding. TN staff have to read hundreds if not thousands of these applications. Make yours standout. Pay attention to detail, this goes a long way. I drafted ALL my pieces of evidence and CV using Figma. You don’t have to use this tool, but making sure your application is aesthetically pleasing should not be underestimated.


Thanks for sharing your experience. I am on a skilled worker visa currently and I want to know if I need to pay the health surcharge as it’s already paid by my employer. Do I still need to pay it and will I get a refund as I will be paying the surcharge twice?

You will get a refund. If you don’t get it automatically, you can contact the NHSBSA or so


Hi @MissUKVisa when did you apply?

Yes, you should get the refund within 6 weeks of submitting the application.

I applied on the 22nd of March and got endorsed on the 11th of April. But dates vary for everyone.

@MissUKVisa, Congratulations on the endorsement!
Can you please share the list of OC2 and OC3 documents you attached to the application? Also as a PM did you share any product/UI screenshots you built from past of current projects?

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Congratulations and thanks for sharing your lessons @MissUKVisa

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Thank you!

I can’t share the list of the documents for OC2 and OC3 as they contain personal and/or confidential information. However, I used the following pieces of evidence:


  • Evidence I was a mentor in a structured accelerator programme for female founders.

  • Evidence I was a teacher at a non-profit that teachers displaced persons IT skills.

  • Letter of support from a mentor speaking to my efforts to diversify the tech sector outside of my day-to-day work.


  • Evidence of high salary x 2

  • Discussed 2 projects where I was the main PM and the impact they had (number of users gained, money saved for company etc.)

And yes, I always included screenshots of the UI, relevant internal data dashboards, presentation slides, and figma prototypes where possible. I highly recommend doing this.

did you track your edits?

No I did not track the edits

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Thanks for sharing! How long did it take for you to receive the decision?

I submitted my application on the 22nd of March and received my endorsement on the 11th of April. I applied from within the UK.

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Thank you so much for sharing the OC2 and OC3 list of documents!

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Employer has already paid for IHS for skilled worker visa for 5 years

I got endorsed for exceptional talent

Now I applied for stage 2 and paid for IHS for 3 years. Waiting for stage 2 results and BRP currently

Who will get the refund?

the refund will be sent back to the account that paid the IHS. So if you employer paid, the fund will go to them .

Congratulations. Do we have anyone applying as a Cloud Solution Architect or a DevOps Engineer here? I need help